Jan 19, 2014

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Ad Posting Jobs – Are They Scams?

In our search for online jobs, we often see ad posting jobs listed. Are they scams?

Ad posting jobs are numerous – and tempting. Many of these seem to be a legitimate and easy way to make money, but let us take a look in a bit more detail…

What are ad posting jobs?

It seems easy enough – copy and paste the text that is sent to you on forums and directories across the Internet. You don’t even have to write the ads.

How do you make money from ad posting jobs?

Ah – here we go… More often than not, when you sign up for these types of ad posting jobs, you are sent a series of ads, in text format, that you are asked to post in as many places as you can.

You are not paid an hourly rate, as you might imagine. Nor are you paid a fixed-price-per-ad, which might seem reasonable.

No. You are paid commission when someone uses your ad to sign up to a service, buys a product that is advertised – and so forth.

This, if you think about it, can put an awful lot of pressure upon you to post hundreds and hundreds of ads in forums, directories, blogs etc in order to gain a reasonable exposure, which may (or may not) result in clickable links that you will earn from. This could be extremely time-consuming and involve extensive planning, especially keeping track of all the sites you have posted to.

The free forums and directories are fairly limited and you may find yourself faced with enormous competition. Sometimes, directories will kick you out if they think you are spamming, which the reality is that more often than not, you will be.

These are the risks and dangers of ad posting jobs. If you are lucky you will find a genuine businessperson who simply doesn’t have time to post ads. These ad posting jobs are usually not advertised on Craigslist or in agencies like oDesk or iFreelance.

Before we end, just another word of warning – remember never to part with any money for ad posting jobs. Occasionally, companies will outsource other companies’ ads and ask for a list fee, or a joining fee. Never pay those fees – no real ad posting jobs provider would ask for money upfront.