Aug 14, 2013

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Binary Options Trading as an Online Job?

Binary options trading can be a controversial subject when talking about making money online.

There are hundreds of ‘scam scares’ and this, understandably, will makes us all wary and steer clear of binary options trading.

The other thing that can make people shy of binary options is the fact that you have to invest some money to begin.  We all want an online job that will pay out, but many of us are reluctant to pay in!

So far, we have talked about some of the ways you can spot an online scam and, if you remember, I said that you should never pay any money upfront for survey filling; if you do, then it is very probably a scam.

Binary options trading is a world away from survey filling.

binary options trading jobsIt is such a huge subject that I will post often about binary options trading, because I do believe that, with the right guidance, you can make a lot of money using binary options.

First, let us find out what it involves…

In very basic terms, binary options trading is to do with the financial markets; call them the stock markets or stocks and shares – that will be most people’s cue to run for the hills!

I think that the world financial markets can be a terrifying concept for the layman like you and me.  We have grown up with a picture of the melee of traders shouting in the ‘pits’ – buy, buy, sell, sell!  It looks like a foreign world full of highly paid, highly trained individuals actually understanding the gibberish that is shouted – and it is.  As far as I am concerned, I am happy to leave that up to them, thanks!

Binary options trading is not at all like that.  Binary trading is run on an online platform that is easy-to-use; specifically designed for the inexperienced individuals (us).  Although the platform is still ‘live’, binary options deal only with the direction of a price.  This simplified system, as the name might suggest, has only two outcomes – up or down (higher or lower).

Another big difference is that you don’t have to buy any stocks or currencies, employ a broker or pay any huge commissions or penalties; you are in control of the trades.  It is probably easier to look at the ‘trades’ as bets instead.  You will bet whether the price will be higher or lower at the time the bet expires.  If you are right, you win – simple as that.

Depending upon the binary options trading platform you choose, (and we will talk about that in another post), if you lose, you don’t necessarily lose your entire initial stake.

You don’t even have to put in any money at first.  Some binary options trading platforms have a demo account.  Of course, if it is a demo, you don’t make any money, but you can have a try out before you do it for real.

Do some research first, about binary options trading.  As I mentioned earlier, there is some controversy about, largely due to the binary options trading platforms that don’t answer customer services calls or queries.  There are scams all over the internet – we all know that.  Take your time and don’t jump into anything!