Aug 15, 2013

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Drop Shipping Jobs – Selling for Third-Parties to Make Money Online

Drop shipping jobs can be an extremely risky method of earning money online.

Not all drop shipping  jobs are scams, but it does pay to be aware of the risks.

Ads for such online drop selling jobs can be found all over the internet on perfectly reputable sites, such as iFreelance or oDesk.  Ads usually look like this…

I want to start drop shipping and I need a reliable partner. Here are my requirements: Verified PayPal Verified eBay account eBay account must have feedback eBay account must be able to sell. I will be using your PayPal and eBay account. Must have some experience in drop shipping.

Or this…

We are looking for serious people capable of listings our products on eBay, Amazon or other similar sites. We accept sellers from any Country as long as they meet the following criteria.We are looking for productive sellers with outstanding accounts to add to our team. We are here to look for reliable business relationship and will take good care for every new seller. These are genuine products. These are not fakes or counterfeit!! Requirements: – You’ll need to have a feedback score over 100 and a verified PayPal account …

At first, the concept sounds great, as drop shipping jobs do have benefits, such as;

  • drop shipping jobsNo stock to hold or buy
  • No postage and packaging to do
  • No photographs to take
  • Work from Home at your desk

Drop shipping  jobs entail you selling an item on eBay or Amazon (usually), and then sending the details of the buyer to your contact, who then does all the packaging and sends the item to the customer.  You do not have to handle goods, just the money.  Then you will send the contact the balance of the sale, once you have taken out your commission – great, yes?

Sometimes yes! But often – No!

Offering drop shipping jobs can often be a way for handlers of counterfeit goods to sell on their wares without any direct association.  This of it this way…

You post an ad on your eBay account, connected to your PayPal account with your details on it.  Guess who will receive the fallout if the buyers receive counterfeit products?  It doesn’t take much working out… In the most serious cases, there could be a criminal investigation.  Drop shipping jobs can also beg the question – why don’t the sellers want to use their own accounts?

  • Do some investigating of your own before you agree to sell anything;
  • Look out for seemingly ‘to good to be true’ prices – research the selling price of genuine goods to compare
  • Contact other sellers for the drop shipper and ask them about their experiences – if your contact doesn’t want to give you any details of other sellers, then why not? How many drop shipping jobs have they advertised?
  • If in doubt, walk away.  If you are really keen, ask for a sample to be sent to you or buy one yourself and see!

Sometimes, a genuine drop seller will only expect payment when positive feedback has been received for the goods.  This is quite rare, as it involves a lot of trust.

Another important fact for consideration in drop shipping jobs is much overlooked – Always check whether the eBay and PayPal seller fees are covered.  These can be a considerable chunk of the commission and you may find that you are putting in hours of work for very little return.

Be aware, finally, that these basic checks should always be done when considering drop shipping jobs.  The scams are there, not just for counterfeit items, but, just think about this… you sell 25 items over a few days.  Most drop shipping jobs involve you sending your contact the money and trusting that they will send the goods.

What happens if they don’t?  The buyers claim their money back through PayPal (or via your attached Bank account if the funds are not there).  If no proof of postage is put forward in the PayPal dispute, which you won’t have, it is very likely that you will have to refund those buyers.

Not a happy scenario…

Think carefully about drop shipping jobs and do your research first.