Oct 3, 2013

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Catalogue Distribution as a Way to Make Money from Home

In our quest to find the perfect way to make money from home, some of us may have considered catalogue distribution at some point.  Even in this niche, there are several methods, but today we will look at commission you can earn from distributing catalogues for the purpose of selling goods on behalf of a company or third party.

There are an array of companies out there that offer real opportunities to make money from home. Three of the UK ‘biggies’ immediately spring to mind;

  • Kleeneze
  • Betterware
  • Avon

How Do You Make Money From Home with Them?

There is a very simple system that each company operates that forms the basis of your involvement in their business…

  1. You distribute the catalogues.
  2. You collect the catalogues (hopefully with orders).
  3. You order the items for your customers.
  4. You deliver the goods and receive payment.
  5. You pay the company for the goods (minus your commission).

Those are the basics, and you can see immediately see the obvious benefits and how you can make money from home, but this is just the beginning!

Initially, you will have to sign up with the company and often receive a basic pack to get you started.  Be warned, you will have to pay a sign up fee to cover the costs.

make money from homeEach month, or new campaign, you will need to purchase the new catalogues from those companies that do a new issue.  Note that not all do; some will keep the same catalogue for many months, but you will need to make sure that you buy weatherproof bags to keep your investment intact!

Although the simple system described above sounds easy, there are many pitfalls and things to consider when you first start distribution.  If you are going to make money from home, you will need to set aside enough space to store your catalogues and goods when they arrive.  Each order will need to be sorted into separate bags (that you will have to buy from the company) and you will need room to work.

You may be allocated an area to work in, but it is entirely possible that someone else will already be covering that area and distributors can be extremely territorial, believe me!  There will be an ‘upline’ (someone you can talk to) to help you, should you encounter territory problems.

Another way to make money from home with these companies is to recruit.  Companies such as Kleeneze offer enormous incentives to recruiters in the form of cash bonuses, holidays and reward schemes.  As a recruiter, a pyramid-type scheme is in operation where targets are set and you will earn extra commission based upon the distributors in your area or ‘line’.

As I always say to anyone wishing to make money from home; ‘Do Your Research’ before you commit any time or money to a project.