Aug 13, 2013

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Online Jobs Reviews – Money to be Made in Survey Filling

As part of my online jobs reviews mission, I have had a look at one of the most popular ways of generating an online income – Survey Filling.

OK, it might not sound thrilling, but hey, I’m doing online jobs reviews and this is about making real money and not being scammed, right?

Survey filling is a genuine, proven way of making money online; all you need is a computer and an internet connection and you are off.

There is no outlay, unless you need to buy a computer!

So, if you come across a site that wants to charge you for filling in surveys or joining their ‘special survey filling dream site that will pay you hundreds of pounds every week down the line’, then YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED! – Fact.  Something I discovered in my online jobs reviews!

You can begin making money almost straightaway with survey filling.  The pay is not great, and is scalable, depending upon the length of the survey you fill in and the owner of the survey itself.

There are agencies you can join to begin survey filling, but there are a few things to watch…

  • You are not always eligible for the surveys, as most have criteria
  • You must complete and submit the survey to get paid
  • Occasionally Survey providers pay in gift vouchers (Such as Ipsos)
  • DO NOT PAY to join a survey group!

Just a few pointers :)

When doing online jobs reviews, I like to take my time and look at every angle to give a true opinion and perspective.  Also, I like people to learn from my mistakes and am happy to offer tips and bits of advice that I think may help you along the road.

I would suggest that, although online jobs in the form of surveys are good, they do not bring in vast amounts of cash.

Handy if you are saving for Christmas, but not great to make a living.  Typically, you can expect the paid survey sites to offer approximately £0.30p – £1.20 per 20-30 minute survey, but some will only let you do one per day.

Another thing I discovered during my online jobs reviews mission is that some sites pay using a points system; you accrue points per survey which you can exchange for gift vouchers or cash.  Cash payments usually have a higher threshold for payouts than vouchers, but the sites do vary.

Tip: Set up a new email account specifically for your surveys, as you will receive a lot of mail, especially if you sign up with several survey sites!

Everyone is different, and the types of surveys you will want to carry out will vary from person to person.  Rather than list some good sites, I have found this reputable site that does this job for us…

Stay with me on my online jobs reviews mission and keep up-to-date with the best ways to make money online, as well as the pitfalls!