May 19, 2014

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People Per Hour – How it Works for You to Make Money Online

How to Make Money OnlineHere, we like to explore different ways for you to make money online. A few weeks ago, we posted some ideas for writing for a living that really work and today is no exception. People per Hour offer you the opportunity to apply for a vast array of jobs, from writing and proofreading to accounts and marketing – and just about everything else in between! It is free to sign up to People per Hour and you can begin to make money online within minutes.

How Does People per Hour Work?

You sign up and begin searching for jobs. If you see something you fancy, you apply for it – sounds simple right? Nothing is ever that simple!

You are allocated credits, which you use to apply. You have 15 credits for free in every calendar month, which basically means that you can apply for 15 jobs each month at no cost. If you wish to apply for more, then you buy more credits.

As you win jobs, by bidding, you get feedback, which helps your rating on People per Hour. Initially, your pitch will need to be excellent, as you will have no rating or feedback and the employers will most likely want to see some form of recommendation. In this sense it can be tough to get started. Some jobs will only invite bids from rated users.

How Can I Make Money Online Using People per Hour?

Each job carries its own requirements and often, there will be a guide price. Some will bid far lower than the guide price in an effort to win the job, but consider carefully before placing a low bid. Many, many professionals will prefer to pay a little more for the right bidder. Consider enclosing a sample of your work or a link to something you have published online.

Payment is made via PayPal, or bank transfer upon completion of the job, but you can sometimes ask for an advance to cover yourself.

There are so many thousands of ways to make money online, but difficult to sift through the options. People per Hour is a simple, free way to get you started. Once you have recommendations, the work can literally roll in. Often, making contacts that you may then receive work from can form the foundation of your business for many years to come.