Aug 11, 2014

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Raise Some Cash with a Clearout at Home

Raise Some Cash with a Clearout at HomeI know the sun is still shining for many of us, but Christmas is not that far away and the time has come for thinking about how to raise some much-needed cash. Well, it has in my house!

I am a considerable hoarder – mostly of junk – but that is a matter of opinion. My Nan used to say ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure’ and with that in mind I have decided to capitalise on the last few car boot sales and raise some cash with my ‘junk’.

Quite apart from the ability to raise some cash with a clearout at home, I am actually relishing the idea of the clearout itself – good for the soul – some say…

I challenge many of you to go through your own ‘junk’ and not find something that is worth selling. We all have some treasure tucked away, whether we are prepared to brave the spidery attic or not.

It is an age-old tradition to raise some cash with a clearout, but many of us have forgotten all about it.

Just watch ‘Cash in the Attic’ one day, or one of the other similar airings to get yourself inspired. Then get on some old clothes and go for it.

Whether considering a car boot sale or eBay, there are a few things you should bear in mind that will be necessary if you want to make the most cash that you can possibly make:

  • Check items for damage – few people will pay good money for damaged goods – although at a boot sale you may raise a few pence.
  • Repair goods if possible
  • If items are beyond repair, particularly electrical goods, take off the plugs and any ‘bits’ that could be worth selling – eg – glass coffee jug, mixing bowl or attachments for a vacuum cleaner
  • Wash everything, particularly clothes

Sort everything into boxes and add price labels to items or boxes to avoid confusion – people will always haggle at a car boot sale and it is good to have a starting point. You will need to bear in mind that it can be a bit of a free-for-all at a car boot and there will usually be a swarm of potential buyers around the car before you even get out, let alone unpack!

Use your imagination with your display and make it all look as attractive as possible with your best (and most expensive) items on clear view. A clean cloth to cover your table always leaves a good impression and will encourage buyers – raise some cash in style!

Make sure you have a sturdy box and plenty of change in readiness for your day of selling and enjoy the exercise. Car boot sales can be lots of fun and can often raise a surprising amount of cash.