Sep 5, 2013

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Sell Photos Online to Make Money

sell photos onlineIf you are a keen photographer, there is a chance that you could sell photos online to make money on one of the numerous photography websites that are available such as;

  • iStock photo
  • Shutterstock
  • Getty Images

There are hundreds!

Most blog writers and website designers need photographs to illustrate their work and few take their own photographs.  There is a huge market for photos and many will search for free (or very cheap) photos online.

It is worth remembering that people need photos that cover an enormous spectrum… good, and more importantly, useable photos are not always about that beautiful sunset.  You will find that people require photos from a road sign to a roof slate!

You can set up your own website to sell photos online, but you will need to drive traffic to that site, which can take time and a little bit of money to do.  To start quickly and for free, you should consider using one of the royalty-free sites.

There is certainly a market out there for you to sell photos online, but you should be aware that some sites have strict guidelines for submission.  One of these is iStock photo.

Let’s take a look at them and their criteria in greater detail…

iStock Photo as an Avenue for you to Sell Photos Online.

To become a contributor on iStock photo, you will need to open an account.  This is free and only takes a few minutes.

You will then have to select your registration type, based upon the kind of files you wish to submit; we are looking at photographs today, so will concentrate upon that.

Once you have done a ‘quiz’ you will be able to submit a few personal details (including photo, name and birth date) then you must submit three samples of your work to enable them to assess your skill level.  You are notified whether or not your work is of the required standard for acceptance, so make sure you only pick your very best samples!

If you are accepted, you can expect to earn up to 45% royalty if you sell photos online.  This depends upon whether you are an exclusive contractor to iStock Photo, you can learn more about this from their site.

There are other roads you can travel, to sell photos online, as we will discuss later on in another post.  This is enough information to take in for the moment!