Jun 2, 2014

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Using YouTube to Make Money

Using YouTube to Make MoneySocial media marketing strategies almost always contain Facebook and Twitter, but using YouTube to make money is one of the fastest growing social media mediums that can be utilised to increase traffic and more importantly, conversion rates.

YouTube is one of the most popular sites, currently ranking at number three in the world, and this can be used to generate traffic by incorporating just a few simple tasks into your strategy.

Not surprisingly, there are some video tutorials that you can watch to give you the basics…

You can create your own videos when using YouTube to make money, attaching ads and following the guidelines given in the tutorials. You will need some degree of talent with this, as the process will almost certainly involve some cutting and editing of the material to give a professional finish.

Embedding – Using YouTube to make money with no movie-making skills

Embedding YouTube videos into your blog posts is cited as giving a staggering 51% increase in conversion rates. The video posts are easily embedded with a code given when the ‘share’ option is selected below the video itself.

Another way of using YouTube to make money is again about embedding, but this time into email marketing strategies. The figures show a similar increase in conversion rates and a 96% CTA increase.

What is perhaps most surprising is how the selection of thumbnails within email marketing and blog posts is so important. Apparently, the use of an enticing thumbnail can increase engagement by up to 154% in general. Optimised meta data is also an important part of the strategy; giving the post visibility to Google.

Creating a call-to-action as a clickable link works very well and can encourage subscribers to your blog, email list and other social media platforms.

All in all, using YouTube to make money is successful when used as a part of a wider strategy. Like many endeavours, a little research and lateral thinking can go a long way.