Dec 9, 2013

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Writing for a Living – What is Copywriting?

If you are considering writing for a living you will have come across the question – ‘What is Copywriting?’

We will look at this question today and point you in the direction of some interesting resources that will help you on your way.

For some, it may be a dream to be a writer. That dream can sometimes seem very far away! Remember we dealt with article writing in our last post? If you are serious, you will have checked out a couple of the content factories to see what it is all about.

So, what is copywriting?

Copywriting encompasses article writing and can be the term used for content creation, either for online presence or offline; basically it is about creating marketing content.

To make a living copywriting online you will need to learn a few basics about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the requirements of the latest search engine algorithm that will dictate how your content is ranked online.

There are hundreds of courses out there at the moment – some good and some great – varying wildly in cost from free to eye-wateringly expensive.

In my search for some good recommendations for you, I found this guy – David Boozer.

He is a great mentor with a brilliant career and a motto that insists that the best way to work is to ‘write how you talk’.

If you subscribe to his site, which is free, you can gain access to a wealth of advice, including tips, articles and a series of videos. He knows his stuff and can soundly answer the question – what is copywriting?

I have shared one of his videos here with you to illustrate his easy manner. See what you think…

So, take his advice and make a start. Write a blog just for fun and see where it takes you.

The more you write, the easier it will become and as you learn your SEO, you can apply it and watch the search engine rankings to see where you come and how you progress with the changes you make.

I would recommend, as I always do when someone is out of their ‘comfort zone’ to take as much advice onboard as possible. Choose your mentors wisely and don’t expect jobs to fall into your lap.

What is copywriting? – Content creation, blogging, article writing, ad writing, leaflet writing, marketing brochures – can you be a copywriter?