Jul 14, 2014

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Working Abroad to Earn a Living

Find out more about working abroadWe have all sat at some point in our lives, or may be thinking right now about working abroad to make money. Some of us may want to travel and when we are young that can stew away in the back of our minds while we convince ourselves with the ‘sensible’ half of the brain that it would be too tough. No one said that it wouldn’t be tough, but it is certainly not impossible!

There are many formally-run agencies that take on staff for au pair work, teaching or charity-based work helping to build essential buildings, such as hospitals and schools in poorer countries. These types of agencies will often organise accomodation and travel visas, although not always, and the pay is rarely good. Some of these organisations request that all expenses are paid by the worker and it is worth delving deep into the small print to find out exactly what is involved.

Working Abroad Online

If you have a skill with web design, writing or photography, you could continue working online while anywhere in the world with access to an internet connection. You can travel and work, earning as you go. Try the content marketing sites that we have previously discussed if you are not already working online – you never know – someone may be looking for a travel blogger!

I came across a site whilst researching this subject and had to share it with you. It is written by a traveller who does indeed enjoy working abroad! He has loads of different ideas (42 to be exact!) and offers practical advice over the entire website and blog. It is well worth checking out if you are thinking seriously about working abroad.

Just think – this time next year you could be strolling along a beach somewhere blogging about it!