Nov 9, 2013

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Writing for a Living

Writing for a LivingIt is not easy writing for a living.

If you have a talent, determination, a strong will, a thick skin and a lot of luck, you may just make a success of writing for a living.

There are actually many paths you could take on your journey of writing for a living and so I will make a series of posts exploring the possibilities over the next few weeks.  We will take a look at;

  • Article writing
  • Copywriting
  • Ad writing and posting
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Amazon self publishing
  • Novelist
  • Blogging

These are all genuine ways to make money writing for a living.  Some require more work than others; some will require more sales pitch than creative writing, but all will require dedication, patience and determination if you really want to succeed.

Many of us hold the romantic ‘movie-type’ notion of a writer.  Long winters in the lake house or the mountain retreat shelling out novel after bestselling novel.  Summers languishing around the pool with a marguerita in one hand and a laptop open, words spilling onto the page.

The harsh reality is that very few writers are this successful – this is a hard fact that we must all accept before we pick up our pencils!

Where to Begin Writing for a Living

It may be better to try all of the options, rather than choosing just one route.  Often, copywriters can get a lucky break and start making a living straightaway in the freelance world.  There are a few ways in which you can ‘test the water’.

Article Writing

Online there are article factories.  These are platforms where you can submit your articles within a huge range of subjects and put a price upon them.  Bloggers, magazine editors – anyone who needs an article – can access the database and buy your article.  The content factory takes a fee, usually a percentage of the article price and you get the rest.

As the content factories receive lots of traffic, your article can be visible immediately, with no extra marketing from you.

Constant Content, iwriter and ifreelance are some of the most popular, but there are many more.

A word of warning – writing for a living can only work if you produce good quality copy.  These platforms often have strict guidelines and will reject your work if you do not adhere to their stringent rules.  Plagiarism is not tolerated and you will be barred from the sites if you attempt this.  Rewritten articles must be written properly and not ‘spun’.

Although this form of writing for a living can be tough, with hundreds of thousands of articles being marketed, it is possible with high quality copy to gain clients that will become regulars and it is a good start to your career.